Custom Designed Masks

masked man

I don’t love it when companies put their logo on masks. I find it tasteless. In my opinion, a mask is for protection, not for promotion. However, there are lots of reputable companies that will sell you good masks in bulk with your company name on them.

Recently, a vendor approached me. He had read my article on business masks and wanted to see if he could send me samples of the masks he makes.


Part-Tee Shots Custom-designed Masks

Bob Seidman owns He sent me a sample with my logo, HJMT Public Relations Inc., and also a sample with my blog logo,


What’s Different?

They are made out of polyester material and are super light and super cheap. He told me he sells them for $4 per unit and can make any quantity. He can make them quickly as well.

It’s nice that they can be folded into a little ball and are extremely portable, especially when you don’t have a mask with you. But they really aren’t great for breathability. When I took a breath in, the mask came along with the breath. 

For protection, I would personally use something a little more substantial with a filter. But, if you are looking for something really light and inexpensive, then this may be right for you. I actually found them to be excellent glasses cleaners!

You can call Bob at 516-316-5857 for more information.