Daddy’s Dogs in Nashville Review

Hilary Topper and Daddy

Daddy’s Dogs is now a staple and must go to when visiting Nashville, Tennessee. If you don’t see them on the street, you can visit one of their two locations in Nashville – one on Centennial Blvd and the other in Printer’s Alley.

The restaurant, which mostly sells hot dogs — gourmet style, was founded by Sean Porter, who is known around the world as Big Daddy. “Daddy” got his name as a band manager of incredible bands such as Cage the Elephant, Mat Kearney, Elle King, and Kris Allen, among many others.  He loved to cook and loves to have a great time, that’s how Daddy’s Dogs was born.

My experience with Daddy’s Dogs


I received a press release that Daddy’s Dogs was having a romantic Valentine’s dinner at their Centennial location. Since I was going to be in town, I asked if I could come and check out what the Valentine’s dinner was all about and share it on my blog. They happily agreed.

On Saturday, February 12, my husband, son and I went to the location and saw a hot dog shop. I was a little confused. They had a big tent with lots of heart-shaped balloons set up. We signed in and were escorted to a photo area where the three of us got a photo taken. After that, we were ushered to our seats inside the tent.

tent at Daddy's Dogs

We were amazed at how nice they made it. There were heaters everywhere, which made me happy since it was 32 degrees outside. They also had a stand-up bass and keyboard player serenading the audience. We were given a bottle of beer for the table and asked if we wanted red, orange, or purple kool-aid with tequila. We each got a different color. I got the red and was happy I did. It was tasty!

The Food

Then we were served a salad – Cesar or mixed greens. Following that, we had a choice of what type of gourmet hot dog we wanted. I would have opted for the plain dog but since I was doing this review, I decided to get the mac and cheese dog with special sauce. It was awesome, although I did find it a bit spicy. My husband and son loved their dogs as well.

drink at Daddy's Dogs

By the way, these dogs are the ones you can get any time of the year at Daddy’s Dogs.

We all got sides. I got the coleslaw and my husband and son got the tatter tots. They could have gotten them loaded but since their dogs were loaded, they decided to take it easy.

The dessert was outrageous. We were all given shakes. I had a vanilla shake with oreo cookies. I couldn’t drink it fast enough it was that amazing!

It was a little chilly inside the tent but “Daddy” gave me some blankets and that kept me snuggly warm.

My takeaway

The ambiance was great. When I asked “Daddy” if they do this every year. He told me they started during Covid and since it’s been so successful, they plan on doing it every year.

When we left, we were given a yellow rose along with a goody bag consisting of the following:

giveaways at Daddy's Dog

It was romantic, so much fun, and the food was really good! If you want something different, definitely check out Daddy’s Dogs Valentine Day Dinner for two. The price was $69 for two and it was worth every penny!

If you can’t make it on Valentine’s Day, you can go to Daddy’s Dogs any day of the week and get some really interesting gourmet dogs that are tasty. You may even get a chance to meet Daddy himself at one of the restaurants.