Davis Upcycled Daypack / North Street Bags Review

day bag

If you are planning to go hiking, distance cycling, or even touring around a new city on vacation, you will need a daypack.

Davis Upcycled Daypack/ North Street Bag

The coolest thing about this new bag is that it’s made from upcycled event tents donated by SRAM and Lifetime Events. I love that it now has a new life as a day bag. It is a rugged outdoor fabric that will last. Since each bag is made from recycled material, they are unique and not like the others.

This line of packs is slated to save over half a ton of waste from the landfill this year, including rugged, highly water-resistant vinyl, and super lightweight vinyl mesh.

About the Day bag

The Davis Daypack has a roll top. The design is a versatile and highly utilitarian companion. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and secure.

The front of the day pack has a nice large pocket where you can put something that you need to get to quickly. It also has two pouches for hydration and comes in a nice red color.

The bags are made in Portland, OR.

Other Specs

The Davis Upcycled Daypack is 18″ tall (closed) or 24″ tall (rolltop open) x 10″ wide x 5.75″ deep | 1240 cubic inches (rolltop open) or 1100 cubic inches (closed) | 1lb 4oz. It has a water-resistant zipper and is ergonomic and lightly padded for comfort.

What did I think?

I loved the Davis Upcycled Daypack. I could definitely see myself bringing it with me when I tour other cities and overseas. In addition to that, I could also see myself using it for hiking and cycling. I love that it’s made from recycled materials and that it’s light yet sturdy.

The price of the daypack is $145 and you can find it here: https://northstbags.com/collections/upcycled-bags/products/ltd-upcycled-davis-daypack#features-specs.