Five Tips When Traveling Alone

Traveling alone

I’ve been traveling around the country on book tours. Most of the time, I travel alone. But, I’ve been traveling alone for work for more than 30 years so it doesn’t bother me. I don’t feel nervous. I feel confident and ready to tackle what is in store for me when I go to a different area of the country.

Along the way, I’ve gathered five tips when traveling alone:

Tip 1 – Be Aware

Never let your guard down when you are outside of your hotel room. Be aware of who is around you and how close in proximity people are to you. Make sure your valuables are in a secure spot, not in a backpack or in your back pocket.

Tip 2 – Be Organized

Have everything either printed out or stored in your phone including your airline tickets, your hotel, car rental, and anything else you need accessible.

Tip 3 – Share your Itinerary

It’s a good practice to share your itinerary with someone other than yourself. It’s also a good practice to check in with people while you are out of town.

Tip 4 – Do your homework

If there’s someplace that you would like to see or do, go for it. When I was in Detroit, I went to the Motown Museum and the Ford Experience. Both were on my bucket lists and I thoroughly enjoyed them both.

Tip 5 – You are never alone

Remember, you are never really alone. Meet people during your travels. Talk with others and connect. It’s a great way to make new friends and experience a new area.

If you have any additional tips, use the comment section below to write them down! Thanks!