Dodici Restaurant in Rockville Centre, NY

Dodici Italian Restaurant has been on Park Avenue in Rockville Centre for as long as I remember. However, the first time I frequented the restaurant was a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday evening.

My party and I easily made reservations for four people on

When I walked in, I announced to the Host that our party had arrived. He sat us promptly in the back of the room. (I noticed there was another room beyond where we sat.)

At the Table

We looked at the menu and ordered from the special menu. I ordered a chicken dish that was stuffed with cheese and asparagus. The other people at my party ordered fish, pork, and a different chicken dish.

We started with baked clams to start and a caesar salad. We split it.

The clams were small but tasted delicious. The caesar salad was good too but we could have used two salads and two baked clams for the table because the portions were small.


When the entrees came, I was a little taken aback about the look of my rolled chicken. There was something not quite right about it. It did not look appealing.

The other dishes I was told were okay but not great.

Dodici was packed with people by the time we were seated. There wasn’t an empty table in the house and that’s why I found it strange that the food wasn’t as good as I thought it should have been. Maybe we ordered the wrong things?

The noise

If you don’t mind going to a restaurant that is incredibly loud, then make sure to go to Dodici.

I could not believe the noise level in the place. I’m not sure why it was so loud. Perhaps it was the high ceilings or crowds? Whatever the case, it was so loud I was getting a headache.

We couldn’t hear each other. We were screaming to be heard, and so was everyone else. I was glad to leave the restaurant after they cleared the entrees.

“No dessert?” the waiter asked us. We all shook our heads. I think we all just wanted to get out of there!

Would I recommend it?

Although I found that the wait staff and hostesses were extremely nice. They kept coming over to us to check on us. However, between the food and the noise level, I would not recommend it.

Hilary's 2 star rating