Feeling Like a Surrogate Grandma

child's painting

While I was in Boulder, Colorado, I was supposed to stay with my cousin, Mindy. However, she came down with Covid at the last minute and my business partner, Lisa, offered her home to me.

“You can stay in my daughter’s room,” she said.

When I got there

When I arrived at Lisa’s home, her two daughters greeted me. They got so big since the last time I saw them.

Immediately, Tasha asked me if she could read to me. She just started first grade in September and was so proud of her reading abilities. I was impressed too! I couldn’t believe how well she read “The Giving Tree,” a sad but thought-provoking book.

When Tash was finished, Ana, her other daughter, asked if she could read to me. She was in Kindergarten and also read very well. I loved the way she sounded out the words.

I asked Ana if it was okay if I stayed in her room. She said, “of course. I’ll stay with mommy and daddy in their room.” I smiled.

Tasha's painting

When I was getting ready for bed

After the first book talk, we got home around 8 pm and I started getting ready for bed. Ana came in and told me that I should sleep with Mr. Elephant and Ms. Chicken. I smiled again.

The two girls were so excited that I was there and I really felt a warm welcome.

The next day

The next day, before school, the girls put on a dance for me. When I got home that evening, Tasha presented me with her artwork. “This is for you,” she said. I was smiling so hard now. I told her that she had to sign it, which she did.

A day later, Ana presented me with a drawing as well. She already signed it.

Ana's painting

Between the dancing and the girls talking with me as if they were adults, I was impressed. What wonderful girls they are!

Surrogate grandma

I felt like a surrogate grandma and when I left, I felt so sad to leave them. They really are such wonderful girls and Lisa and Gordon (Lisa’s husband) are so blessed to have them. They made me laugh, smile, and just made me feel so good. I love them and miss them so much… So having their paintings, just makes me smile.

Have you ever felt like a surrogate grandma?