Flipping the Script: Inspiring Children with Kelly Anne Manuel’s Captivating Book Series

Kelly Anne Manuel

How do you stand out from others in the realm of children’s literature? How do you meet children exactly where they are in their journey, fully comprehending their unique perspectives and desires? How do you empower children by granting them permission to see the world in both entertaining and inspiring ways?

In this episode of Hilary Topper on Air, Hilary speaks with Kelly Anne Manuel, children’s book author. Hilary Topper talks with Kelly Anne Manuel

About the Interview

Learn all about Kelly Ann’s unique approach to connecting with young readers, imparting valuable lessons, and empowering children through entertaining and inspiring tales. From overcoming adversity to unveiling her creative process, Kelly Anne’s journey is sure to inspire aspiring writers and creatives. Learn the source of Kelly Anne’s motivation to write and publish a staggering 31 books. Through her words, we learn about the inspiration and drive behind this remarkable accomplishment, fueling her desire to create stories that resonate with children of all ages.

About Kelly Anne Manuel

Kelly Anne describes herself as an “uncommon author,” breaking barriers in the realm of children’s literature. In this segment, we explore her unique perspective on what it means to be an “uncommon author” and how this term aligns with her writing journey, allowing her to approach storytelling in a refreshingly different light. Kelly Anne’s books have proven to be invaluable resources for educators, librarians, and family members alike. The secret to Kelly Anne’s profound connection with her young readers lies in her ability to meet children exactly where they are in their journey. Her book series include:

Kelly Anne Manuel

  • The Essentials Series – Positive self-talk books that kids can pick up anytime. Daily affirmations filled with positivity that encourage independence so children can face their fears and explore their world with the help of animals and the natural world.
  • The Rainbow’s End Series – Destination stories that aid in imaginary and play discourse. The gap between reality and pretend is bridged. Each book begins with “The other day I went to visit a friend…” and transports readers to a different place where anything is possible.
  • The Classics – Timeless books where all generations can find meaning. These many-layered stories have broad themes but focus on specific events and reality-based resilience topics. These books help kids navigate difficult situations.
  • My Name Is Series – Self and identity themed books that help children explore the duality of their internal and external nature. The importance of self-esteem and clear communication of the self are explored. These books give the child the opportunity to say: “This is who I am.”

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