Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive | Book Review

Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive

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I’m a very sensitive person. When someone is hurt, I can feel their distress. When someone has grief, I become very wrapped up and my whole body feels that deep connection with them. I’ve also been very in tune with pets. They seem to gravitate toward me.

So, when the publisher of Four Gifts of the Highly Sensitive – Embrace the Science of Sensitivity, Heal Anxiety and Relationships, and Connect Deeply with your World by Courtney Marchesani, approached me to ask for a review, I was grateful. Maybe I could learn about myself by reading this book?

Four Gifts of Highly Sensitive

In the first part of this self-help book, you learn about the science of sensitivity and then deep dive into sensitive empathy, sensitive intuition, sensitive vision, and sensitive expression. This section discusses how sensitive people see and feel the world differently than other people.

The next part talks about the mind-body method specifically discussing sensory self-defense, soothing your senses and powerful emotions, building inner strength and resilience, and soul medicine and transcendence.

Four Gifts of Highly Sensitive is a well-written, well-documented book with lots of case studies. It also provides famous people who fit into the categories described in part one of the book. In this section, the author offers a four-week plan to heal from any trauma and offers some coping skills for less stress.

About the author

Courtney Marchesani lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She is an integrative health coach, intuitive, and healer with an MS in Mind-Body Medicine.

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