Garden of Life Vitamins, Vitamins and More Vitamins

IMG_20160326_200015_resizedGarden of Life is a great company that produces all and any kind of vitamins. I’ve used their multi-vitamins on a daily basis and I am totally impressed. They don’t compare to other vitamin companies. They are totally organic, meaning that they don’t use toxic pesticides and fertilizers. Most of their products are vegan certified and mostly gluten free.

I was told that to alleviate symptoms of peri-menopause, you should take a combination of vitamin C, vitamin B and vitamin E. According to the source,  you take the three every day and your symptoms will be substantially less than not taking them. I’ve actually found that to be the case. Don’t kid yourself, you still get hot flashes and mood swings, but they may not be so bad.

Interestingly, Garden of Life has three vitamin sprays for those of us who have issues swallowing pills. The Vitamin C spray comes in two different flavors – Cherry-Tangerine and Orange-Tangerine. They don’t taste bad. They are a little tangy but that after taste quickly dissipates. The directions call for five sprays and the product can be used for adults and children over the age of 4.

The B-12 spray you take only once a day. It has lots of organic vegetables and fruits in it and this particular product is not intended for children of any age.

The D3 – 2000 IU comes in chewable Raspberry-Lemon and you know what, they actually taste like candy. Vitamin D3 supports your immune system and the calcium absorption is for healthy bones. There is no sugar or stevia in these pills.

Vitamin Code Raw Vitamin C is a capsule and two should be taken at a time. They have 500 ml of Vitamin C and the capsule is easy to swallow. These include 23 organically grown fruits and vegetables included and supports the immune system, heart, skin, eyes and live probiotics and enzymes support healthy digestion.

Ever since I attended my first Blogher conference, several years ago, I was introduced to Garden of Life and I’m so glad I have because just going to a drug store and buying vitamins off the counter doesn’t really cut it when you know that these products are all natural and organic.  I think if I’m going to give myself the vitamins, I want them to be organic.  Thanks Garden of Life!