Product Review: Garden of Life Kind Organics Women’s Multi

I hate to admit it but I don’t take vitamins. I never did. But lately, I’ve been exercising so much, that I decided it might be a good idea. Then a box from Garden of Life arrived at my office and “lala” there were two sets of vitamins — one for women and one for men. I started to take the women’s vitamins – Garden of Life Kind Organics Women’s Multi.

At first, when I looked at the size of the vitamins I was a little weary. I have a difficult time swallowing.  But, when I actually placed a vitamin in my mouth, I had no trouble getting it down. It’s coated and I swallowed it easily.

I decided to keep the vitamins at my office on my desk.  This way, I wouldn’t forget.  I also find that when I take vitamins in the morning before breakfast, I get nauseous. So, by having them later in the day, they were easier to digest.

What I like about the Kind Organic Women’s Multi Vitamins is they are organic and made with only the best of ingredients. They include all the necessary vitamins you need for a daily supplement. Generally, you take two tablets every day. Each container has a 30 day supply. They are free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers and come in a sustainable package.

Kind Organics are formulated specifically for women (or for men, depending on which one you buy).  they promote energy, metabolism, blood and heart heath plus radiant skin and nails and most importantly, they are made from real food, more than 30 fruits, vegetables and herbs.

So will I buy them when I’m out of them in 30 days, you bet. I think this is the first vitamin that I actually felt I could stomach!

You can find them at any vitamin shop or health food stores like Wild By Nature.  To find a retail store near you go to