Have Issues With Your Feet?


I don’t know about you, but lately, everyone has been telling me that they have issues with their feet. So when Michelle Hung, President of ComfyChoices, reached out to me to see if I would review her new slippers, I readily agreed.

What are they for?

ComfyChoices is a slipper for orthotics and foot support inserts. It is precisely for Plantar Fascitis, Fallen Arches, Diabetic Nerve Pain, Broken Toes, and Surgery Recovery!

How are they made?

They are made of cotton, nylon, and spandex. ComfyChoices are for indoor use only, and they are completely washable in the washing machine. If you have custom orthotics or if you purchased the plantar fascitis inserts, they slip right into the bottom of the slipper.

The slippers have two pockets — one for arch support and the other for heal support. You can use a full orthotic or a half foot.

ComfyChoices have velcro on the top so that you have a secure fit and velcro on the back to secure your foot in place.


ComfyChoices, as its name suggests, are incredibly comfortable. They are made with memory foam in and around the slipper. After a day of work, especially if you work standing on your feet all day, are a great relief. They are better than walking barefoot.

They aren’t fashionable, so if you’re looking for something fashionable, these are not for you.

However, if you have issues with your feet, you should take a look at these. They cost $45 alone or another $10 with a generic orthotic. Check them out at https://comfychoices.com/.

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