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Here are some of the Season 10 episodes of Hilary Topper on Air. I’ll post the rest after the season is completed. Thanks for checking them out:

Here are our Season 10 Shows to date. (There are lots more coming!)

Branding in a Digital World with Hilary Topper – During this interview, Lisa Gordon is the interviewer and I am being asked questions about my new book, Branding in a Digital World. Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-brand-yourself-in-a-digital-world/

How to Protect Yourself from Medical Errors — Medical errors happen more than you can imagine. How do you protect yourself and your loved ones? Listen in here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-prevent-medical-errors-from-happening-to-you/

How do you fuel for an Ironman? — This interview is for anyone who does endurance sports. It will teach you how to fuel for any event including an Ironman event. Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-do-you-fuel-for-an-ironman-event/

Can Art Heal? — This interview is so powerful, especially now that we are on lockdown. Listen in as Michelle Sakhai talks about how healing art can be. Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/can-art-heal/

What is the SECURE ACT and how does it impact us? — This interview is with Vincent J. Russo of the Russo Law Group in Garden City. Here, he talks about the SECURE Act and how it impacts our IRAs. Listen to this important interview here: https://www.hilarytopperLionair.com/episode/have-you-heard-of-the-secure-act-find-out-how-it-affects-your-ira/

Interview with Performer Zoe Lewis – If you’re looking for something fun and lively, listen in to this interview with a performer, Zoe Lewis of P-Town. Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/interview-with-zoe-lewis-performer/

Ever want to write a memoir? – Well, now you can by listening to my interview with Peter Pollak. This is such an interesting interview that’s also light and fun. This is a great time to put together your memoir! Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-write-a-memoir/

Should endurance athletes eat sugar? – Listen to the expert, Kevin Hanover as he talks about sugar and so much more. Anyone who loves to exercise will get a lot out of this podcast! Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/should-endurance-athlete-use-sugar/

How to recover from food addiction? — Believe it or not, you can get addicted to foods, especially sugar. Listen in as the expert talks about how you can overcome this addiction and get back on track. Listen here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-recover-from-food-addiction/

How to maintain a balance between family and work for female executives – This is a great interview with Eileen Lichtenstein. Hear what she has to say about juggling it all! https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-maintain-a-work-life-balance-for-female-executives/

How does COVID-19 affect small and mid-sized businesses — This is another great interview with Brett Hickey of Star Mountain Capital. Learn how his firm can help your business – https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-does-covid-19-affect-small-and-mid-sized-businesses/

How to be a great salesperson – This is particularly important right now as we are still in the midst of COVID-19. Tim Healy of Healy Success Solutions and also podcaster with The Profit Express is amazing. Listen to his awesome tips here: https://www.hilarytopperonair.com/episode/how-to-be-a-great-salesperson/

And, there is so much more to follow. Stay tuned and subscribe to HilaryTopperonAir.com to never miss an episode! I’ll post the rest of the season next month… Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for guests, let me know.

Happy listening!