Marliii Releases a New Song!


I met “Marliii” in my digital communications course at Hofstra University. One day, while teaching, she shared her music with me. I was impressed. Just recently, she sent me her newest song, Clearly,” which I want to share with you.

Marlii explained that ““Clearly” is a dreamy experimental indie-folk tune that explores the perspectives of loneliness, longing to be heard, and never giving up.” While listening you can hear clarity and chaos in this track with an R&B-based backbeat. Jazz-centric chords and embellishments, along with gradually ascending and cutting the reverb for multiple tracks (most notably, the vocals) are also included.

I gave a listen and was impressed. Marliii is worth listening to. You can hear her music on Apple, Spotify, etc. Go to her website at HTTP:// and download her albums or you can download her new song, Clearly!

Here’s another song/video that appears on her website:

Check out her music portfolio on Spotify here: