I Got Rebound Covid

man holding Covid-19 positive test

After three days of taking Pfizer’s Plaxivod, I was feeling amazing. I continued my quarantine for a full five days and then wore a mask indoors thereafter. That five days of wearing a mask is a little ridiculous because you aren’t contagious at that point, but it is what it is.

So for about five days or so, I was feeling fantastic and carried on with my regular activities. Until, Friday when suddenly my throat was killing me and I started finding it difficult to breathe!

Rebound Covid

I had read about rebound covid after taking Plaxivod but I didn’t believe it. I thought the doctors were just saying it.

But lucky me, I got a rebound covid!

My first instinct was to call my pulmonologist. The office told me to get a chest X-ray and to go to urgent care.

I went to Northwell urgent care instead of CityMD.

At Northwell

I met with a doctor who ended up giving me an oxygen/albuterol treatment. He gave me two of them.

After that, I felt somewhat better and headed back home. But the Covid stuck around for nearly five days. I was depressed, felt defeated, and was just plain miserable.

Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as the first go around, and slowly but surely, it started to go away. I was grateful. I took Tussin DM (over the counter) and I also took Mucinex (PM). They worked!

It was frustrating getting COVID for the second time and I’m starting to question the validity of the vaccinations. I’m not sure if I’m going to get another vaccine.

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