I Met Nanette Lepore!

Nanette Lepore & Hilary Topper

I have been wearing Nanette Lepore clothes for years. I remember seeing her clothes for the first time and thinking, “wow, this is expensive.” I bought my first Nanette Lepore suit nearly 10 years ago because I wanted a “power” suit.

Do you know what? I still have that suit.

Although her style has changed, I’ve found that I have changed along with it through the years.  It’s crazy how I always look for the Nanette Lepore clothes first before looking at anything else.

The other day, I received an email saying that Nanette Lepore was having a sale in their showroom. Since I was in the city, I stopped in but when I saw what was going on with the crowds, I walked out.

The next day, my daughter and I decided to pop our heads into Bergdof Goodman on 57th Street in New York City. We went up to the 5th floor (that’s where all the trendy clothes are). We walked around and saw nothing that interested us.  As we were about to leave, my daughter said, “mom, there’s Nanette Lepore.”

I was so excited to see the new line.  I started to flip through the rack. I noticed while I was looking that there were several people who were wearing Nanette Lepore clothing around the rack.  I complemented one of the women.  She told me she works for the company and that Nanette Lepore, the fashion designer, was standing right there.  “Do you want to meet her?” she asked me.

I shook my head.  I was so incredibly nervous.  I was going to meet Nanette Lepore.  To me, she is a celebrity.  I felt a connection having been wearing her clothes for years.

She walked over to us.  She was beautiful.  She was tall, had long blonde hair and a great figure. “Hi, I’m Nanette,” she said.

I was so excited.  I am standing here with Nanette Lepore??? She knows me.  She knows what I love and yet we never met.

My daughter knew I was nervous so she talked to her about the sample sale. “It was so crowded, we couldn’t even look around,” she said.

“Yeah, all of those people buying all the old stuff, it’s crazy,” Nanette said.

Do you have a favorite brand?  What if you met your favorite brand’s fashion designer, would you get excited?

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