The Internet of Things (IoT): Sonos, A New Toy in the Home

The Internet of Things (IoT): Sonos, A New Toy in the Home

As you know, my husband and I have a “smart home.” Recently, we added to our assortment of connected devices and installed the Sonos system. Speakers were already in the house, in the ceiling. But, we needed a device that connected to them and also connected to our Amazon Echo. Sonos, the home sound system, was the answer.

Sonos has various different speakers that do different things. For example the Sonos #1, is for smaller spaces or combined with other “1’s” can bring your home surround sound. Sonos #3 has high performance with bass and Sonos #5 gives big sound anywhere. Sonos also has a play bar for the TV or a play bass that is a stand alone, also offering huge sound in the home. They even offer a sub, that provides you with pure bass. The Connect amp, is used in the case like ours where we had speakers in the ceiling but it wasn’t connected to anything else. The connect amp, changed that and provided us with speakers along with the Sonos #5 that created big, bold sounds.

What I love about the Sonos is, it has an app on your Android or iPhone. The app enables you to play anything in various rooms. So, for example, you can play one song in the living room and another in your dinning room, depending on how you set it up. You can also play Pandora, Sirius XMU, Apple Music, Spotify, you name it, if it’s online, it’s connected to Sonos!

The sound is incredible. It’s bold, it’s big and it’s powerful. We have the one #5, the amp and the speakers in the ceiling and when we play something you hear it throughout the entire house! It’s very impressive.

And it, it’s so easy to operate. There are times when my husband is playing music and I switch it to my music. Then we get into a battle as to who will control the remote! (Hmmm, sounds like the old days when you fought with your partner for control of the TV remote!)

Anyway, I would highly recommend the Sonos system. It’s not cheap, but if you like music as much as I do, you will think the Sonos is worth every penny.

P.S. I paid full price for the speakers.


  1. Tony Rizzo

    Welcome to the club – we’ve had Sonos in the house and our back deck for over three years snd have it streaming through our big speakers in our media room system. Uses a mesh wi-fi network – amazing sound at many fingertips at once. Hugely recommened!

    1. Hilary Topper

      I was thinking about doing the same thing — getting a portable sonos for the backyard. It works seamless with Alexa! Thanks for sharing!

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