Product Review: Sparkling Ice Adds New Flavors

Sparkling Ice
Product Review: Sparkling Ice Adds New Flavors

I’ve been a fan of Sparkling Ice for a while now. I first saw it in the supermarket and had to try it. I don’t love water, so having an alternative that was refreshing yet, flavorful was something I yearned for and Sparkling Ice gave me that and more.

The other day, I was in my office working and suddenly the UPS person walked in with a package for me. It was heavy. I opened it and there were three bottles of Sparkling Ice’s newest flavors — Peach Nectarine, Grape Raspberry and Crisp Apple. I was excited to give them all a try, so I did.

The first one I tried was the Peach Nectarine. I didn’t think I would like it since I’m not a big “peach” person, but it really tasted great! It was smooth, flavorful and had no aftertaste. The color was a vibrant orange and I had a hard time distinguishing the difference between the peach and the nectarine. They just perfectly blended together.

Next, I tried the Grape Raspberry. I felt the same way about the flavor of this purply mixture. I wasn’t sure if I was tasting grape or raspberry. It was also delicious! I particularly liked the bubbly taste of this one, as it felt as if I were drinking grape soda.

Finally, I tried the Crisp Apple. I couldn’t image how a fizzy apple drink would taste. I turned up my nose when I saw it and smelled it. But you know, I actually enjoyed this one as well. The bubbles made it feel “crisp” and refreshing.

All three of these are perfect for anytime of year and we all know that we should be drinking at least 32 oz. of water – these fit the bill.

The Sparkling Ice products have 0 calories, have some vitamins and antioxidants and uses real fruit flavors made from fruit concentrate.

So, they are bubbly. They taste great. They have no aftertaste. They are natural. Why wouldn’t you pick them up? I plan on getting a bunch the next time I’m at the supermarket. I really enjoyed them.

You can buy a case on Amazon for between $10 and $15.