Should You Post About Your Relationship on Facebook?

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Have you ever wondered why couples tell each other they love each other on Facebook? Or, wish each other a happy anniversary on Facebook? Or, tell each other that they had a wonderful time during dinner on Facebook?

Are these people really happy? Should they tell each other that they love each other privately or for the world to see?

I often wonder about this, so I did some digging and found:


According to Yahoo News, a study by Shotkit, a virtual community of photographers, said “posting and boasting about your relationship on social media may be a sign — or even a cause — of trouble in paradise.”

Only 10 percent of those who post images of themselves and their partner on social media described the state of their couplehood as “very happy.”

Nearly half — 46 percent — of respondents who do not publish such posts said that their relationship was, in fact, a very happy one.


According to the Atlantic, “Researchers surveyed a small group of volunteers in relationships ranging from one month to 30 years in duration about their satisfaction and relationship-related Facebook habits, including how often they posted couple photos and how much they interacted with their partners’ pages.

Separately, they used a self-reporting personality test to assess participants’ personalities based on five traits: extroversion, neuroticism, openness, agreeableness, and conscientiousness, comprising what’s known to psychologists as the “Big Five.”

What’s the takeaway here?

If you are happy with your relationship, tell your loved ones that you love them in person and if you want, share it on social media for everyone in the world to know.

I’m not the social “police” and I don’t mind what anyone posts on social, however, in general, I do think we all need to think before we post. What message will this send out to the universe?

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