Seth Swirsky’s Songs From The Green Couch

green couch

Seth Swirsky is a talented artist who has worked with and written #1 hits for artists like Taylor Dayne, Tina Turner, Celine Dion, Air Supply, Smokey Robinson, Olivia Newton-John, and more. His new solo album, Songs From The Green Couch on Lolipop Records is one to check out.

The record, engineered by Rob Campanella of Brian Jonestown Massacre, has a total indie-rock sunshine vibe.

About Songs from the Green Couch

I really liked the album, it was fun, upbeat, and catchy. Every song was different. Each had its own unique mood and space.

Some of my favorites included Sunny Day, because it was fun, upbeat, lively, pop-rock, and the first song on the album. It set the stage for the album and was very welcoming and easy to listen to.

I also really liked, Whatever Happened To. I found it funky, reminded me of a 60s song. All I wanted to do was get up and dance.

“The record was a two-year process,” said Swirsky, “I started writing and recording the record at the beginning of a serious new relationship I was having and it continued during a very painful breakup. Thus, the album oscillates between many hi’s and lo’s for me personally, which are reflected in the lyrics.”

He continued, “We all have a ‘safe space’ — a place where we can go and escape from the world. The green couch in my art room in my house is such a space. It was there where most of the songs on this album were written, either on guitar or with lyrics—thus, the title, Songs From The Green Couch.”

My thoughts

I enjoyed the album. I found that the upbeat songs made me feel happy and the darker (breakup) songs touched a very sad, deep chord with me. Seth is a talented artist and I think Songs from the Green Couch is worth checking out.

Here’s a sampler from Youtube:

P.S. He’s a New Yorker who relocated to LA!