Last Chance for What?

The other day, I was in Central Park riding bicycles with my family. We rode along the outside of the park up and down steep hills. There were times when I had to get off the bike and walk it up the hill. It was that steep!

We stopped at Strawberry Fields. It was John Lennon’s birthday and there were tons of people gathered on the lawn singing Lennon songs like “Give Peace a Chance.” We stayed there for a little while but since it was so crowded we decided to move on.

We rode a little more and then saw a street performer. We stopped to watch. While we were standing there, I noticed that there was a skywriter in the sky. The plane spelled out L A S T. I wondered if there was more. Then I saw C H A N C E.

I started to get spooked out a little. Here I was in NYC in the center of everything and was this someone trying to tell us something. What was the last chance for?

I heard other people talking about it. No one knew what it meant. Who would write this?

The next day, I was listening to 1010Wins and they mentioned that there was a skywriter who wrote the words – LAST CHANCE – in the sky and that it was an art project fully funded by the city.

Now why would the city do that?

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  1. Sharon Yamamoto

    That is the exact kind of thing that makes me sick….funding cut for things people need, and somebody gets money to do something idiotic like that.  Somebody could have been fed with that money, or gone to a doctor or something else necessary.  People want to know where the money is coming from to pay for healthcare and other things for people who can’t afford them….and I say, don’t overtax the middle and upper middle classes, just don’t waste money on idiotic things like skywriting nonsense!  It burns me up!!!

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