A New Social Network Just for Men — ManWall.com

When my friend, Ken Braun told me that  ManWall.com was created to let guys hang out and talk about “guy stuff” in threads of ?“ManVersations” anonymously or as themselves, I was a little taken aback.

Why should there be a social networking site that excludes women! I told Ken, I found it a little distasteful.

But, when he told me that with 9 in 10 social networks dominated by female users, it is harder and harder for guys to bring the “buddy experience” onto the web without worrying about having conversations with friends being seen by your mom, aunt, girlfriend, or even co-workers and supervisors. I understood.

ManWall.com, the world’s first social network website just for men, takes the social conversation that men have with their buddies and brings that experience online via “ManWalls.” ManWall.com features over 100 “walls” of user-generated videos, pictures, and contextual content, dedicated to all male interests such as sports news, beautiful girls, humor, entertainment, UFC results, fishing, funny photos, cars, gear & gadgets, politics, and other vices.

“Whatever you’re into, there’s a wall for that,” says founder and entrepreneur Ken Braun.

Perhaps best of all, ManWall.com was designed to let guys hang out and talk about “guy stuff” in threads of “ManVersations” anonymously or as themselves. This means no more judgmental looks from your Facebook-saavy grandmother at Thanksgiving or squabbles with your girlfriend over your collection of Megan Fox bikini photos.

“The idea behind ManWall,” says Braun, “is to take the male conversations that typically happen at the ball game, poker table, in a text message, a sports bar, and brings them online for all men to share and comment on. Unlike today’s popular social networks, on ManWall you don’t have to “edit” your posts, worried about who might see it in your circle of social followers like your family, girlfriend, wife, or co-workers. You can just be yourself at ManWall.com.”

ManWall also encourages users to suggest topic walls and take an active part in the building of the social network. Users also have the ability to build their own Manwall community with like-minded guys they choose to follow – in essence, recruiting their own virtual “Wolfpack!” ManWall.com focuses on the user’s published content, opinions and thoughts in this virtual Mancave.

For the first time guys can take the ManCave experience and all that comes with it on the web – anonymously, privately, and in ways no other social network or men’s website can provide. Visit ManWall at https://www.ManWall.com.

And you know what?  I’m proud of him for taking this step.  This is a project he truly believes in and I know it will be a success, even if it excludes us women!

P.S. Ken was on an Australian radio show that I thought I would share with you…

Download the .MP3 Interview for ManWall.com

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If you’d like more information about ManWall.com, or to schedule an interview with Ken Braun please contact Ken directly at (631) 581-1000 ext 102 or email [email protected]


  1. Helen Rosen

    I don’t care for this one at all, and don’t condone it.  There’s plenty of sites for men that’s about sports, girls, bungee jumping etc.  To say there’s nothing out there for men – come on.

  2. Jake

    lol this site is a joke. just spam crap all over it. meh, t & a jokes.

  3. Larry

    This site is awesome! About time someone created a cool site for guys! The articles written in the Bro-Guide are witty and spot on!

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