Lifevine, a New Healthy Wine Option On the Market


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Can you imagine a wine that is low in calories, no sugar, and made with no pesticides? This wine exists and it’s a great table wine called, Lifevine Wine. The wine comes in three different varieties. I tasted the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Lifevine Cabernet Sauvignon

When you open up the bottle you immediately smell cherry and oak. As you pour it in a wine glass, you can see the deep burgundy color. You can’t see through the glass. All you see is the glimmer of the deep red color.

Looking at reviews, the wine rates well. Wine Enthusiast, for example, gives the wine an 88. Jim Gordon, the reviewer says, “this balanced wine is packed with fruit and spice flavors. A full body and moderate tannins give it a big mouthfeel, while ripe black-cherry and red-cherry notes provide satisfaction.”

Interesting about Lifevine

As I mentioned earlier, the interesting thing about Lifevine Wine is that it is made with zero sugar, so, it’s lower in calories and carbs than many of the other wines on the market today. It’s also pesticide free!

The wine has received numerous accolades and awards. It is keto-friendly, paleo and vegan, friendly, gluten free and Weight Watchers points approved.  That is why many call it a healthy wine!

My thoughts

We opened the bottle of Lifevine Cabernet one evening when we were having Wagyu beef for dinner. We grilled the beef on the BBQ and had a variety of vegetables with the meal.

After giving it time to breath in our wine glasses, we tasted it. It was smooth and tasty. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know you will too.

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