Long Island Restaurant – New Wave Seafood Wantagh

long island restaurant

I haven’t posted a restaurant review in a while and when I wanted to take my son out to dinner, he suggested seafood. After looking at Yelp and Google, we decided to go to the New Wave Seafood in Wantagh.

“Did it get good reviews?” I asked him as he was searching the internet.

“Yes, it got 4 out of 5 stars,” he said. “It should be good.”

The restaurant was about 10 minutes from my home. It was located on Wantagh Avenue in Wantagh (on the north side of the street). We parked in the back in a public lot and walked a few feet to the restaurant. Interestingly, it was a fish shop and a restaurant.

The restaurant had simple red and white table cloths and looked like a typical seafood restaurant. The menu was large. They had a lot of different dishes to choose from. My son and I ordered clam chowder to start. He had a lobster roll and I had ahi tuna thinly sliced with rice and vegetables. The tuna came with a mild wasabi sauce and was incredible. All three dishes were superb!

The only problem, they were busy on a Wednesday night. There were large groups of people there so that place was loud and there was a lot of action from the wait staff. However, I found the wait staff quite attentive even with the crowds.

Although the restaurant has a strange name and when I walked in I thought I would see photos of my favorite New Wave stars on the walls, it was an excellent choice for dinner. I look forward to going back! Everything was fresh and nicely prepared.