Music Review: Lola Spriggs – Nobody But You

One day, Canadian-born Lola Spriggs’ new CD, Nobody But You, appeared in my mailbox, courtesy of her publicist. I do love hearing from new artists, so I didn’t mind at all popping this one in and listening to it.

Nobody But You has six songs, with one song, “The Game,” written by Spriggs.

I was immediately struck by the fact that Ms. Spriggs has a great voice. She has a nice range and her voice is pleasing to the ear. Many of the songs on Nobody But You also have nice harmonies. If you close your eyes, you can visual her being in a small nightclub singing her heart out. All of the songs have a theme of love and the music is tight throughout.

The first song on the CD, “I Wanna Love You,” starts with a country twang and then settles into a pop groove. It has a relaxed beat which helps set the late night FM mood. She sings, “I wanna love you like the rain comes down and I’m falling for you. I want to be with you baby til the sun comes up. I only dream about you and it’s not good enough.”

“I Wanna Love You” is the type of song that a woman may appreciate as she falls into an unrequited love.

The title track is a lush, beautiful love song. She sings, “Nobody but you make me feel so right. You are my light on the darkest night.” This would make a perfect first dance song at a wedding. Its mellow beat invites lovers to hold each other close while the harmonies bring emotion to the surface.

Interestingly, “The Game,” which was written by Spriggs, is very different than the rest of the other songs. It is a pretty song but it changes the mood and might be better suited to a new age album.

The last song is “Nobody But You (Remix).” The remix has a stronger drum beat than the earlier track and it’s a nice way to finish off the CD. As the disc ends you cannot help but walk away with a wry smile on your face.

While classified as a rock album, I found it more in line with adult contemporary. If you are looking for a light, airy album with lovely love songs by an artist who can really sing, Lola Spriggs’ Nobody But You is for you.


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