My Backyard Sports with Michael Kraner: Get Your Game On at Home

Basketball in your backyard

Could you imagine having a full basketball court in your backyard and either playing with your friends or having your child play with their friends? That would be so much fun!

Having a basketball court in your backyard can also help you stay active and healthy. You can play games, practice drills, and create memories with your family and friends. Plus, having a basketball court in the backyard is great because it doesn’t require going to an outdoor or indoor

Michael Kraner and My Backyard Sports

Michael Kraner started My Backyard Sports, a company that manufactures and sells sports equipment for backyard games.

Michael Kraner of My Backyard Sports

The company’s mission is to help families have more fun together by making backyard sporting activities easier to access. Michael created the business with the idea of providing a way for people to connect through playing sports while also being able to spend time outdoors with their family and friends.

Hilary Topper talking with Michael Kraner

My Backyard Sports provides high-quality, durable sports equipment for backyard games like basketball, tennis, pickleball, and more. They also offer accessories and apparel to make outdoor fun even more enjoyable. With My Backyard Sports, people are able to have a great time outdoors with the ones they care about most!

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