NerdWallet Launches NerdWallet Indie, a Site Where Local Shops Promote Their Work and Offer Deals

NerdWallet’s Indie online site helps shoppers find unique gifts and discounts just in time for the holidays.


  • Today, NerdWallet announced the launch of NerdWallet Indie, a coupon directory website where shoppers can easily sort through thousands of discounts on Etsy and other independent online retailers without being flooded by advertisements.
  • NerdWallet’s Indie online site was created to help independent retailers promote their work while also helping shoppers find discounts on handmade gifts. And as it turns out, more consumers are turning to Etsy. In mid November, the company announced Etsy sellers had exceeded over $700M in sales so far in 2012, compared to $525M in sales in 2011. This holiday season, we can expect sales to be anywhere from $200M and $250M, up from about $130M last November and December.
  • Consumers online can find great savings on Etsy stores and independent retailers by using NerdWallet Indie to:
  1. Find Etsy coupon codes from local artists
  2. Search for the perfect gift by Categories like Jewelry, Kids, Toys, Wedding, and more
  3. Save anywhere from 5% to 30% on purchases
  • Independent retailers and Etsy sellers can promote their online stores for free by:
  1. Sharing their coupon codes and discounts on their own personal store’s coupon page
  2. Driving consumer traffic to their online stores
  3. Linking to their Facebook fan page and Twitter fan page to extend their social media presence
  4. Sharing their coupons with social sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest
  5. Adding product pictures and a store logo to customize their store’s coupon page and encourage shoppers
  • NerdWallet Indie features more than 5,000 Etsy and independent retailers coupons, with more being added everyday.

NerdWallet Indie is committed to empowering independent retailers to promote their work and encourage sales through offering coupons and to help consumers to save money on stunning handmade gifts.

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