The Long Island Medium at Westbury


The Long Island Medium recently did a show at Westbury Music Fair (Whoops, I mean NYCB Theatre at Westbury). My sister and I attended.  Lori, my sister, has been longing to talk or to get a sign from our mother who recently passed. So her boyfriend purchased two tickets for us to see Theresa Caputo at Westbury.  He figured that if I was with her, my mom would come through stronger.

But I think a lot of people thought the same thing.  There were entire families there at nearly $100 a ticket. There was even a woman who traveled from Lancaster, PA!

As I sat and watched Theresa walk around the audience in her 4-inch glittery pumps, I was amazed at what she knew about many of the people in the room.

Granted there were many people who raised their hands when she asked if there was a Wendy in the audience or when she asked if someone’s brother passed away at a young age, but she seemed pretty spot on when she said she knew that one woman had gotten a ring within the last day or that she knew another was wearing her husband’s watch.

The theme that came through was that the thousand people in the room wanted to find out how their loved one was doing. Many felt that they could have changed things.

I’m not a big psychic person. I’m not even sure that I’m a believer. I do believe in God and I do believe that when people die their spirit lives on through the people who loved them.

So I was a little skeptical but wanted to be supportive of my sister.

We were crammed in the balcony with dozens of other people.  There was no leg room and very little room in the seat.  Once you were situated, you were situated!

Next to my sister was a heavy woman who dug her elbow into my sister.  After about 15 – 20 minutes into the show, Lori asked the security guard if we could move. Although there were plenty of empty seats in the orchestra, he insisted that we sit on a smaller balcony with only five other people.

The show opened with a moment of silence (that felt like an eternity) for the victims of the Connecticut shooting. After the Star-Spangled Banner, Theresa came out on the stage. She was about 20 minutes late but it didn’t matter.   Her performance was engaging and sensitive.



  1. Once Upon Our Times

    Hilary-truly sorry to now know of your mom’s passing. I just watched Dr. Oz & as fate, coincidence or spirit makes its entrance into our daily activities I watched the Long Island medium & read your newsletter within moments of each other. I was on tv show EXTRA about 14 years ago to hopefully speak with my son, Jeffrey, who passed away in a jetski accident July 4th weekend in 1998… I did connect then and again in a reading about two years ago with another NY psychic. I found messages and solace. I am a believer…

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