New CBD Products for High-Stress COVID-19 Days

Altwell line

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Two different CBD companies reached out to me pitching “high stress during COVID-19 days.” Since I’ve been feeling stressed out lately, I asked them both for samples. I didn’t realize there were two different companies until the products arrived. So, instead of comparing these companies to each other, I will discuss them both here in the blog post.


The mission of this company is to provide the community with wellness products that are derived from nature that are completely safe and the highest quality available.

Nice presentation!

KindUrth sent me a sample of their premium CBD Gummies which are THC free. They actually tasted delicious and I think I may have eaten all four that was in the package. I enjoyed the taste of them.

They also provided me with Premium Sleep Time Gummies, which are also THC free. I tested those as well. They did put me to sleep and I was in restful sleep.

In addition to that, they provided me with the full-spectrum CBD oil tincture in 500 mg. You take a dropper and put it under your tongue. You hold for 60 seconds then swallow.

The topical ointment is to be used for muscle relief.

I liked the packaging and branding and do think that CBD can help with the undue stress that’s been recently bestowed upon us.

You can get KindUrth by going to the website at and placing your order.


The other company that was introduced to me was Altwell. They claim that “for generations, their family has been creating products to promote and support healthy, active lifestyles. We took that expertise into the world of CBD by crafting a line of honest and simple products to help keep your mind clear and body balanced. From our family to yours, stay well. Altwell.”

I have to say that I was incredibly impressed with the presentation and the packaging of this products. They sent me a sampling of them in a beautiful burlap bag. There was something about the branding that made me feel good.

They also sent me gummies 25mg per gummy as a supplement and Gummies for Restful Sleep. The sleep gummies had 25 mg of CBD per gummy with melatonin and L-theanine.

The casing is incredible on the gummies. They are sealed in a hard to open plastic package for child resistance.

They also sent me protein powder made with hemp protein and soft gels, which I actually thought worked pretty well. I was feeling very anxious before and I took one and then, I felt better, more relaxed.

You can pick up any of the Altwell products on their website at

How do you compare?

You really can’t compare one brand to the next. They are all natural and work similar to each other. I think if the branding entices you, you can’t go wrong with either product. And, these days, anything to keep us relaxed and help us sleep, is the best way to go!

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