Ritual Essential for Women Vitamins


Ritual is a new multi-vitamin that is “re-imagined.” The actual vitamin is called Essential and it’s specifically for women 18 and older. (Sorry guys, this post may not interest you…)

What’s different?

For starters when you open the bottle, you get hit with a minty odor. It’s not a bad smell, it reminds me of chamomile tea. When you put it in your mouth, it tastes a little minty as well. I’ve never had a vitamin quite like it!

That’s the actual pill.

This vitamin calls for taking two times a day with or without food, unlike most other vitamins which you only take once a day. The vitamin has a delayed-release capsule, so you can take any time of the day.

The other thing that is different is the capsule itself. You can see through it!

About Ritual Essential for Women

The vitamins are vegan friendly. They are gluten and allergen free. There are non-GMO and there are no colorants or synthetic fillers.

While most multi-vitamins have 20+ ingredients, most of which you already get from food you eat, these vitamins are what you actually need. They include: Folate 60 mg, Omega-3 330mg, Vitamin B12 8 mcg, Vitamin D3 50 mg, Iron 8 mg, Vitamin K 90 mcg, Boron, 1 mg, Vitamin E 6.7 mg and Magnesium 30 mg.

Interestingly, these vitamins and minerals are sourced from around the world and you can see exactly where they are sourced on the Ritual website.

Taking it on a Test Drive…

I have never seen vitamins like these. I love that you can see through them. I took one about 15 – 20 minutes ago, and I still have that minty flavor in my mouth and throat. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just different. I also like that the company claims to be environmentally friendly.

In the little booklet they give you with the vitamins it says: “The greatest tool in our toolbox isn’t a pill or cream. It’s self-determination. You can’t cleanse or exfoliate your way to sturdy bones. There’s no serum for young blood. And aging well doesn’t mean having a good body for your age, it means supporting your body as you age. Health isn’t just skin deep, it’s cell deep and results take time and daily commitment. You make a promise to your future self. You build a habit. You turn it into a ritual.” I found that uplifting and amazing.

If you want more information on Ritual visit their website at: https://ritual.com/.