New FTC Guidelines For Bloggers…

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On December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will enforce all bloggers to disclose endorsements and testimonials if bloggers are given some type of compensation, which can come in the form of free tickets, products or services in return for blogging.

In plain English — if you are a blogger and either received money or you got something for free, you must note that in your post before your review. Others who need to disclose compensation include:

The thing that gets me is this…. I’m in PR and I know that for the last 20+ years I’ve been in the business, media people have received free concert and show tickets, free admissions to parks, free restaurant passes and even free books and products to review and there doesn’t seem to be a disclosure policy there… Why is that?Why is the FTC picking on the consumer generated media?

Now, if bloggers are getting monetary compensation then they are in the advertising business and should most certainly disclose. But a free dinner? Does that really constitute payment?

I don’t have a problem with the disclosure. As a matter of fact, I just reviewed a show I received a press pass for and was happy to share that fact with my audience.

My objection is this — if bloggers and consumer generated media need to disclose gifts, then traditional media should make a disclosure as well… That’s my 2 cents…