No Response to Text Messages?

text messaging

Have you ever sent out a text message, Facebook message, Twitter DM, Instagram message or WhattsApp and didn’t get a response? 

How does that make you feel? What do you do?

When someone doesn’t respond to a text message, it bothers me. I feel the same way about emails. 

After it happened a few times, I decided to research the issue and try to get to the bottom of it.

Here’s what I found.

According to Psychology Today reporter, Victor Lipman, there are three reasons why people don’t respond — 1) there are too many places to get messages; 2) people are too busy; and 3) people don’t like conflict. 

But, I don’t buy it. 

text messaging

According to the blog site, Viper, 95% of all messages are read within three minutes of receiving. It also said that the average adult texts 23 hours a week. (That’s a lot of texting.) 

So why don’t some people respond when they get these types of text messages and when did it become acceptable not to respond to text messages?

Julie Beck, writer at The Atlantic wrote, “there is an understanding that you don’t have to reply to any message you receive immediately. As much as these communication tools are designed to be instant, they are also easily ignored. And ignore them we do. Texts go unanswered for hours or days, emails sit in inboxes for so long that “Sorry for the delayed response” has gone from earnest apology to punchline.”

Today, instant messages are instantaneous. Shouldn’t they be responded to in a timely manner? 

So to me, when someone doesn’t respond, he/she is either annoyed or can’t be bothered. But in both cases, don’t you think it goes back to common courtesy? 

If you’re annoyed, say something. If you can’t talk, text back that you will respond later. If you can’t be bothered, then why am I bothering with you?

Love to hear your thoughts on this matter.