Patti Smith Concert Teaches a Lesson on Aging

Patti Smith
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I was at the Beacon Theatre in NYC the other evening watching Patti Smith perform her album Horses.  This was her 40th anniversary concert to the day.

I always loved Patti Smith’s music.  She inspired me by the fact that she didn’t care what others thought, she just went ahead and did what she knew was right.  Her music was different and arrived during the punk rock era.

Now forty years later, Patti took the stage and performed like she did when she was 20.  I was pleasantly surprised by her energy and passion!

At the Beacon, Patti played the entire Horses album. She also played my favorites:

  • Dancing Barefoot
  • Because of the Night
  • People have the Power

At the encore, she sang The Who’s My Generation.  She ended with a mean guitar solo that I wasn’t sure would ever end. What a rocker!

All I kept thinking — Patti Smith knows how to embrace age! She’s done it with grace and with style.

Now that I’m 50+, I’ve had a lot of time to dwell on this aging thing.  I’ve been thinking that I’m now in the lower third and getting a little depressed about it.

But after seeing Patti Smith at the Beacon, I now think… bring it on baby because I’m ready to age!


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