People at the Movie Theatre…


I’m not a big movie-goer. However, this summer, I have gone several times.  Each time I go, I see the same people:

  • The Loud Laughter — There are times when this person laughs at things that are just not funny!  He always laughs loud.  If you know him, you could recognize his laugh a mile away.
  • Popcorn Thrower — What’s this about?  You would expect the popcorn thrower to be a kid, but that is not always the case.  When I went to see Bad Teacher with my son at the beginning of the summer, a guy threw popcorn at another guy because the guy was texting on his cell phone.
  • Confrontational Person — This person always loves to pick a fight no matter what.  The popcorn thrower threw so much popcorn at the texting guy that the texting guy got up and smacked the Popcorn Thrower in the face.  The two battled it out while the movie was going on. That certainly made the movie exciting.
  • The Shusher — That’s the person who, even if you sneeze, turns around and shushes you.

I went to see 30 Minutes or Less recently and as I sat down in a chair at the movie theatre, I heard music.  I didn’t know where it was coming from. I turned around and looked but I kept hearing it. The guy in front of me turned around too.  He shook his head.  My daughter whispered in my ear, “Mom, it’s you!”

“No, it can’t be,” I said out loud.

I reached into my bag and sure enough, it was my phone on ITunes playing Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection.

How embarrassing!  What would you call someone like me? The Unaware?


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  1. Brad

    Hilary, what theater are you going to where the action in the audience is better than what’s up on the screen? I might want to check out that place someday!

    1. Hilary

      hahaha… I don’t know.  It just seems that anytime I go to the movies something is going on in the theatre! 

  2. Lori

    I have never experienced the popcorn thrower. If I do, I will definitely laugh, cause how childish!

  3. Lori

    I have never experienced the popcorn thrower. If I do, I will definitely laugh, cause how childish!

  4. Rosenhelen

    What about the popcorn muncher who’s sitting right next to you, or the texter (with the LED light on)?

    1. Hilary

      So true Helen! I don’t know why people don’t turn off their cells at the movie theatre…

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