Practice You – A Journal by Elena Brower


When you are in your 20’s, the world is wide open. You still think about the choices you make and how they will impact the future. Then, as we enter our mid-lives, we tend to think about where we are going and where we are heading. The new book by Elena Brower, Practice You – A Journal, may help you get there.

Practice You- A Journal, has nine parts or as the author calls, exploration. Each one will help you become a happier, healthier person. They start with meditation, followed by a series of questions to ask yourself.

The book will help you refine your listening, elevate your inner dialogue, and feel good about yourself.

Practice You is a beautifully written book to help you rediscover yourself. You can add photos, thoughts, prayers anything your heart desires. As Elena Brower says, “this is your book, do with it as you may.”

You can start anywhere in the book or, you can start at the beginning. It’s beautifully illustrated with soothing images. The paper is 80′ pound textured paper that makes you want to hold onto this book forever.

The author, Elena Brower is a yoga teacher, visual artist, writer, and designer.

You can purchase the book for under $10 on Amazon. It makes a nice gift!