Psychic Night at Frank’s Steakhouse in Jericho


I really enjoy going to Frank’s Steaks in either Jericho or Rockville Centre. They have this Romanian Skirt Steak served with mashed potatoes and creamed spinach, which is amazing!

Anyway, my husband and I have been going there for years and most recently, I found out that one of my running friends owns the restaurant. Small world, huh?

Psychic Night

My cousin, Mindy, was in town for my birthday and she suggested we go to Franks. While there, we learned that they were also having psychic night. For only $70, you got a full meal – appetizer, entree, dessert, and a 15-minute psychic session. Mindy and I were going back and forth. Should we? Shouldn’t we? Okay, we decided to do it!

We enjoyed our appetizer and Romanian Skirt steak. After that, we were told to take a seat. There was a row of psychics. Mindy went in one direction, I went in the other.

What Did the Psychic Say?

As soon as I sat down, I was told to uncross my legs and arms and sit straight in the chair with my arms out to receive the angels. I started to think of my friend Jodi when she did an Angel Card reading and thought it might be the same thing. It wasn’t.

Suddenly my psychic went into a deep trance. She asked me if my father recently passed. I told her he did. The psychic said he told her, “that he was happy I was so helpful in dealing with all his finances through the years and that he was proud of me.”

The psychic also said that there was a woman with him. She was holding a dog. She asked if that could be my mother. “Ouch my neck,” she said to me. “Did your mother have a bad back and neck?”

My mother had terrible scoliosis and was a post-polio victim. She said the woman was telling her that she was sorry for what she did to me as a young girl and promised to be my angel in the afterlife.

The psychic also saw my father-in-law. He was with a horse and goat. She said that represented fertility and that someone in my family would be getting pregnant soon. (I knew it wouldn’t be me… haha)

I asked the psychic if she saw anyone else. She said there was a woman that kept telling her “sister, sister…”

“Did your sister pass?” she asked me.

I told her she did. She didn’t say much and suddenly the bell went off. The 15-minutes was up.

When We Were Back at the Seats

When I got back to the table, Mindy was already there. “How was it?” I asked her.

“Well, she wasn’t good,” she told me. “However, she did ask if I had someone in my life who wrote a book that was coming out soon. She also asked if I was in town for a big birthday party.”

“It was all about you,” she said. I smiled.