Restaurant Review: Cinnabar, Massapequa Park


From the Newsday top list, Cinnabar in Massapequa Park was a Chinese Restaurant I had wanted to attend. The restaurant is a place that certainly knows how to create an impression. With its chic ambiance and menu boasting of nouveau Chinese creations and classics alike, one would expect a memorable dining experience. However, our recent visit left us somewhat underwhelmed.

shrimp flowers

Restaurant Week

We visited during Restaurant Week, enticed by the promise of exploring their menu at a more affordable price.


I was the only member of our party who ordered from the special menu, which was priced at $39. The offering included four small slices of yellowtail, two mini rolls of tuna and eel/avocado, and a dessert that unfortunately fell short of expectations.

chinese ice cream

My companions opted for the regular menu, selecting the Cantonese Lobster and a duck dish. The lobster, weighing in at a meager one pound or so, seemed overpriced at $50. The duck dish and a few appetizers, including a shrimp lollipop, were satisfactory but could have been more outstanding.

The Price


As the evening progressed, we couldn’t help but notice the portions were on the smaller side, especially considering the prices. When the bill arrived, totaling nearly $300, we were taken aback. The cost did not reflect the quality or quantity of the food we received.

While the interior of Cinnabar is stunning and the staff were pleasant, the overall dining experience did not live up to the hype or the price tag. I was surprised when the waitress talked me into one dessert and when I told her I didn’t like it, she didn’t offer me a different choice.

For those considering a visit, be prepared for smaller portions and higher prices. Based on our experience, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Cinnabar, as there are other establishments that offer better value for money and equally enjoyable culinary experiences.