Why is Homeowner and Commercial Insurance So High?

In today’s rapidly changing insurance landscape, evolving market trends shape the needs of homeowners and multifamily property owners.

I’m Hilary Topper, and welcome to Hilary Topper on Air. Today, a special guest, Brian Friedman, founder of Evolution Insurance Services, is joining us.

  • So, Brian, welcome to the show! Could you tell our listeners about yourself and your role at Evolution Insurance Services?

Hilary Topper talks with Brian Friedman

  • With the insurance market constantly evolving, what are some of the trends you’re seeing, particularly in products tailored for homeowners and multi-family properties?


  • Can you give us some examples of the types of products that Evolution Insurance Services is developing to meet these needs?


  • How do you see these trends shaping the future of the industry?
  • What do you see as the primary challenges homeowners and multifamily property owners face in today’s insurance market?


  • In what ways are insurance companies adapting their products and services to accommodate the increasing frequency and severity of natural disasters affecting homeowners and multifamily properties?


  • Looking ahead, what do you believe will be the most significant trends shaping the insurance market for homeowners and multifamily property owners over the next few years?



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