Restaurant Review: Wild Feast Harvest the Bounty in Long Beach, NY


Restaurant Review: Wild Feast Harvest the Bounty in Long Beach, NY

I was walking passed Ralph’s Ice Cream on my way to get a slice of pizza at Gino’s Pizzeria and noticed a new restaurant in town called Wild Feast. I peaked into the window and it was pretty crowded.

A week later, on my way to have dinner with my husband and son at Gino’s, we passed by Wild Feast and decided to give it a try. I was a little skeptical. I haven’t really liked many of the local restaurants but decided to have an open mind.

We walked in the door and it reminded me of a NYC trendy restaurant. What I thought was interesting was that you order at the counter, the food is brought out to you and you pay after the meal. It was like a hybrid restaurant — not a fast food restaurant but not a traditional restaurant either!

The food is fresh, very fresh. I love that there are so many healthy choices too. To start, we had the wild caught crab and mango dumplings and the house made baked clams. I have never tasted anything like either one of them. You may think, really?  Baked clams are baked clams, but they really aren’t!  Every bite, I felt as if the flavors danced in my mouth.

For my main course, I had the free range grilled chicken with rosemary shallot yogurt sauce, red quinoa and cucumber, honey roasted carrots with cider soaked raisins. Wow, that’s all I have to say. It was thoroughly delicious!

Everything looked incredible and the smell was awesome!

Wild Feast has an array of salads, soups, small courses or appetizers, fish tacos, sandwiches which are served with fries, seasonal entrees, sides and then a hand full of desserts. (I didn’t even want to look at the desserts because they all sounded amazing and I’m sure they tasted even better. But, since I’ve been trying to lose weight, I opted out of the desserts.)

Wild Feast is family owned and run.

Frequenting a small restaurant with fresh food that is family run, is a restaurant I enjoy going to and I would highly recommend this one!

P.S. Full disclosure, they had no idea I was going to write this review.