New Balance Golf Shoes Review

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New Balance Golf Shoe Review

I played golf the other day in Merrick, Long Island and decided to check out a new pair of the New Balance Minimus Women’s 1005 Black and Lime golf shoes. I was sent a pair from a mutual friend who promotes the shoes to the media.

When the box arrived at my house, I thought they were just another pair of sneakers. They looked like sneakers, yet they had the soft spikes that most golf shoes have.

They were primarily black with the New Balance logo and had green laces. What I noticed was they were stability type sneakers, which is good when you’re playing golf because you’re on your feet a long time.  I also love that they go with everything that I wear on the course!

I also noticed they felt like sneakers. They were extremely comfortable. I decided to swap out the standard insert with my custom insert for added comfort.

The shoes held well on the golf course. They were water resistant and when I went through an unseen puddle, my feet didn’t get soaked. They also held up through the mud.  The cool part about these shoes is they have a 2 year water resistant warranty.

Other features include the flexible NDurance spikeless rubber outsole; theOrtholite® proprietary polyurethane performance insoles that provide long lasting cushioning, wick away moisture, odor, and are fungus inhibiting. They allow air flow for a cooler foot (although I took the insert out, after reading more about this, I may just put them back in!).

I was on my feet for nearly three hours and I felt as if they held up to the test. They were comfortable throughout the entire round of golf, which says a lot for a pair of golf shoes.