Shame On You – Marriott, WonderPax, and Mt Sinai South Nassau

I had an issue with three companies recently and I think you will be a little shocked by all three.

Marriott/Fairfield Inn – Lake Buena Vista, FL

I was going to go to a conference in Florida in Orlando and since I’m a Marriot Bonvoy member I booked a room at the Fairfield Inn in Lake Buena Vista, FL. I had to prepay for my room which was $750 for three nights. The Conference was in March 2022.

The conference organizers sent me a note saying that they got a discount rate at the Sheraton for $100 a night. I called the Fairfield Inn and canceled my room. When I called the Sheraton, the block rooms were booked. I called Fairfield and the room rates went up significantly so I didn’t rebook and canceled my trip.

Unfortunately, one of my weaknesses is keeping track of my bills and I got my Amex and paid it. I didn’t think twice about it. Until my accountant came by and was checking on the books.

“What’s this charge for $750?” she asked me.

That’s when I realized that the Marriot never refunded my money. At that point, Amex couldn’t help (it was too long ago that the transaction was made, they said), so I was on my own.

I called the Fairfield Inn and left a message after a message for the manager. I’m still waiting to hear back.

Finally, I called corporate but still have not heard back on a resolution.

As an addendum, I finally called for the 100th time and spoke with Gilbert who said, “sorry we can’t do anything.” I asked why and they said that I booked the room on January 28 and was refunded but I also booked it for January 29. When I canceled that one, they still charged me because I prepaid for the reservation. When I asked if I could get a credit for another room or even points, they said, “NO.”

Shame on you, Marriot and Fairfield Inn Lake Buena Vista!

WonderPax (Vitex Enterprises)

I disputed my charge as soon as I purchased a defective product from Vitex Enterprises. The product was a heating pad that didn’t need to be plugged in. It is activated at the press of a button. Unfortunately, I was told that it would go back to its original spongy self after a couple of hours. That didn’t happen.

The product became hard as a rock. I put it in boiling water for 30 minutes and it finally came back but it was totally useless.

I called the company. Nothing! I wrote to the company via email. After several emails, I heard back.

“Send us the product back via US Mail and we will refund you on your credit card,” the woman told me.

I sent the product back and never got refunded. The Goldman Sachs Apple card (which I plan to cancel) did nothing for me. I just got aggravated every time I spoke with them.

So, I’ve been emailing and calling the company to no avail. No one is getting back to me. I sent back the product and now I’m out $150.

Shame on you, Wonderpax! Shame on you, Goldman Sachs!

Mt. Sinai South Nassau

I went there after I got covid and sat in the waiting room for hours. No one saw me. I walked out and went to Urgent Care.

The other day, I saw that South Nassau billed my insurance company $2000! I wasn’t even seen so I called the insurance company and they said they would handle it on their end.

I received a bill for $12 from the hospital and was appalled. How dare they send me a bill when I wasn’t seen?

Shame on you, Mt. Sinai South Nassau!

My Takeaways

I don’t know how these companies can get away with this and not sure what to do here. I’ve written to them, talked with them on the phone, and even Tweeted, and still no response. Any suggestions?