Getting Injured at the Orlando World Center Marriot

after hurting my wrist

My husband and I went to Orlando for the weekend. We planned on playing golf one day and attending Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival the next. However, I got injured at the Orlando World Center Marriot and it put a damper on the weekend.

My husband and I were ready for golf. We were going to play 18 holes at Hawk’s Landing at the Marriot Hotel. 

We went down to the first floor of the World Center and had breakfast at the Pantry. After that, I told my husband I wanted to make a pitstop at the bathroom before going on the course. 

As I entered the bathroom, it was like a sheet of ice was on the floor. I slipped immediately and slid across the floor. Thankfully, I was able to text my husband. 

“I just went flying in the bathroom…fell so hard on my hip and hand. Coffee went flying all over the place. Very slippery!”

I finally picked myself up and heard my husband outside the door. “You okay? Wow, it is slippery here,” he said.

I came out to meet him. I was holding my wrist. The janitors were there. He was showing them how slippery it was. They shook their heads. “It’s worse in the bathroom,” I said.

“How are we going to play golf?” he said.

“I know,” I said. “My wrist is bad. I think we should get it checked out.”

So, we went up to the desk, told the manager what happened and she called over a security guard, who called an ambulance. 

The fire department and ambulance came within minutes. They were convinced that my wrist looked broken.

They took me to the nearest hospital where I waited for a long time before being seen. It was freezing in there. And, while I waited, I shivered. Finally Brian met me. He was filling out paperwork in the front of the hospital.

The doctor did do a thorough workup and requested an x-ray. Thankfully, my wrist wasn’t broken but it still  hurt a lot. The doctor said it was badly sprained and that I should take pain meds and wear a brace for a while. 

We noticed when we got back to the hotel that we were still charged for the golf. We went to the front desk. 

“Since we still had to pay for golf, I think the Marriot should pay for one night to make up the difference,” my husband said.

They did, but personally, I didn’t think they did enough. I was there for one weekend. I would have been happy if they paid for the three nights or at least bought us lunch when we returned from the hospital. Our short vacation was ruined on behalf of negligence on their part. 

The whole experience was upsetting! Tell me about an experience you had with a Marriot or with another hotel where you were unhappy.