Silver and Reposado Tequila Corralejo Review


Some people have Tequila during Cinco de Mayo, but for me, I could have Tequila any time.  This brand of Tequila is aged for 12 months in barrels, which are burned from the inside out in order to achieve the smokiness in the flavor. It’s 80 proof.

Corralejo Brand

The Corralejo brand has four different types of Tequila including the Silver, Reposado, Anejo and extra Anejo. I sampled the silver and the Reposado.

They both come in a slender tall bottle and they are made in Mexico. The smell has an agave scent with a mixture of citrus and herbal tones. It’s clear white in color and has a smooth taste.

Silver Tequila Corralejo Review

Shots vs Margarita

I tried it on its own as a shot and I tried it in a Margarita, which my husband has an incredible “secret” recipe for. The Margarita tasted sweet and smooth. I barely tasted the alcohol, yet, I saw what he put in and it was a lot.

Liking the Tequila Buzz

The thing about Tequila, unlike wine or other alcohols, is the buzz you get from it. It’s more of a relaxing buzz as opposed to a head “high,” which I like. I could have had another glass, but one glass and I felt a buzz so I was good with that.

I really liked both the taste of the silver alone and the silver in a drink and if I saw this at a liquor store, I would definitely buy it.

The Reposado

The Reposado was smoother! This was made from 100% agave and double distilled. This was much milder than the silver. It also has more of a yellowish tint to it. It also has a slight vanilla taste to it.

Margaritas prepared with Silver Correlejo

They both were smooth when taking a shot, but they must be cold, otherwise, I found it hard to drink it. The colder, the better.

You can buy a bottle of the Silver for $24.99 and the Reposado for $34.96.  Visit the website for more information at