Smart Perfume???


You’ve heard of smart refrigerators, smart thermostat, and even smart glasses, but have you heard of smart perfume?

NINU Smart Perfume

NINU is a fresh breeze in the traditional perfume industry. Leveraging the latest technological advancements, it honors the tradition and builds on a millennia-old heritage. Combining three different high-quality fragrances in a single high-tech design, it allows you to find your scent and play with it.

It is a simple and smart patent-pending innovation that enables you to tailor your perfume to match every mood and occasion. Whether you want to boost your energy or find the perfect scent for a special event, NINU can help.

About NINU

NINU is made of 100% vegan, sustainably sourced ingredients picked, with the wholesome procedure from beginning to end designed in France, dedicated to quality and a high percentage of perfume oils. This is why perfumes evolve beautifully on your skin. They are phthalate, paraben and sulphates free.

Embark on a perfume fusion journey guided by the AI perfume master Pierre. He will take care of your every wish with just a few simple taps on your phone. You have full control over your scent. Too strong for work? Tone it down. Feeling excited? Add an exotic note.

And exactly when you start running out, he will notify you to restock. With more than a million different fragrances to choose from, you will always find something for you.

Of course, NANU is connected to an app!

Tech 4 Good

Every year, 120 billion units of packaging are produced by the global cosmetics industry, which means 12 billion tonnes of plastic by 2050 if we continue the trend.

That equals around 350,000 Empire State Buildings.

NINU intends to use Tech 4 good – for the environment and for societies. Therefore, it’s earth- friendly due to using natural ink in packaging cartons, having a cartridge refill system and less packaging to scale down the plastic consumption.

To go the extra mile, instruction leaflets are replaced with a scannable QR code. Of course, perfume bottles are made from recycled glass, because every 10% increase in recycled glass housing, cuts down CO2 emissions by 5%! NINU is on a mission to make the perfume industry greener and user-friendlier.

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* Full disclosure, I didn’t try this out so I can’t endorse it but I found it interesting at the CES conference in January 2021.