Spa Castle Is A Special Treat!

I took my staff to Spa Castle for our staff holiday party.  Spa Castle, located in College Point, Queens, is a spa that has indoor and outdoor therapeutic pools and hot tubs. They also have several different types of saunas, ranging from Jade sauna to the LCD sauna.  Each sauna is supposed to enhance your well being in one way or another.

In addition to the pools and saunas, they have a cafeteria, bar and even a place to sleep.  I also bought the staff manicures and pedicures.  After we were finished, some of the women wanted to get foot massages.  So, I got one too.  And, boy, did it hurt! The only think I liked was when they rubbed my leg.  During that time, my pain from the shin splints dissipated.

The staff had a great time and after that, I decided to take my family there last Sunday.  My leg has been hurting more and more and I thought that by going back it would help heal it faster. So my husband, son and I drove out to College Point. I don’t think either one of them believed me when I told them that the castle was unbelievable.  “It’s like a chic New York City spa,” I said.

When they walked in, they were “wow’d.” We changed into our bathing suits, went up to the outside therapeutic pools and hung out there for a while.  However, it was 30 degrees outside and my head and ears were frostbitten! So, we went back inside and started going into all of the saunas, which were on the floor below the pools.

When we walked into one of the saunas, we each took a spot among several other people and laid down. Everyone was quiet.  The two men sitting next to me were meditating. I was in a relaxed state of being when all of a sudden I hear:

“Oh, Aw, Ouch!”

I looked over to see if it was my son.  It wasn’t.  It was my husband stretching out.  The two men who were meditating picked themselves up and left the sauna.

“Oooo, Aaaaah,” he continued.

More people picked themselves up and left.  At that point, I told the two to get up and get out!  I was laughing.  It was really funny.

Next place I went was the heated floor where a group of people were sleeping.  I picked a spot and went into a heavy relaxation mode.  My son and husband went into another sauna.

I fell asleep on the floor in this big wide open space and I had the most amazing sleep!  I had dreams that were so clear at the time that I felt like I was in Heaven…

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