String Cheese – Episode 1 of Glasslandia

Here’s our first episode of Glasslandia.  We call this episode “String Cheese.” Following the episode, Lisa Gordon, VP at HJMT, interviewed the staff.  See the interview below.

Hilary “The CEO” 

What did you think of episode 2? 
I liked episode two, it had a lot of punch to it, pun intended.

Were your children excited to be on camera? 
They were really excited to be on camera. My son actually got up super early to film and he is most certainly not a morning person.

You seem to run into people you know all the time – is that true? 
I tend to run into a lot of people that know and don’t know, but they all seem to know me. I find myself always saying hi to everybody. My husband was speaking with a friend of ours from high school that attended our screening party last week and the friend actually said I used to say hi to everyone in high school too – even if I didn’t know them. I guess I’ve been saying hi to everyone for a long time.

Why did you decide HJMT needed a marketing associate? 
I was really backlogged with a lot of work, in terms of all my blogs, my radio show and new business initiatives for HJMT and I just needed someone to work with me to help push it all along. I decided that hiring a marketing associate would be the best way to do that. I needed someone desperately!

What did you really think of Daniel? 
I really liked him. I thought he came across a little nervous in the interview, but he was someone I had talked to at the end of the summer and had wanted him to work at the firm then because I thought he would be amazing and a real asset. He was the ideal candidate for the job.

Any clues for next week’s episode? 
The only clue I’ll give you is, if you like to laugh, you’ll be laughing very hard next week! So definitely tune in!

Kristie “The Skeptic”

Any embarrassing moments this time? 
I’m not sure why or even how I was sitting in the car that way, but this one wasn’t too embarrassing. However I’ve seen a sneak peak of episode 3 and that one will make up for it. Plenty of “Kristie Moments” in episode 3.

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”

As you were planning locations for East Midtown Partnership – what were you thinking? 
When we were brainstorming areas to film, I was thinking – what would someone do while in EMP? They would eat, maybe get pampered.  We wanted locations that would be really cool to film with Google Glass and get that first person perspective. There are so many great locations in the district that it was hard to choose just a few.

What’s a typical day like for you at HJMT now that you’ve gotten your promotion?
There is no such thing as a “typical day.” (adds laugh) It really varies  on the projects we’re currently working on. The only thing that is consistent is my attention to our and client social media pages. I really do enjoy working with clients and figuring out posts or ways to really get people to know their business. It’s a labor of love, really. I love coming in every morning because there’s something new and exciting on the horizon.

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”

What did you think of HJMT when you first walked in? 
I was honestly impressed with the office and the atmosphere with the music playing and everyone’s doors open.

Why were you drawn to the firm? 
It felt like everyone here was really close and were a “family.”

Were you nervous for your interview with the camera in your face? 
I was pretty nervous for my interview knowing that it would be part of a reality show because if I wasn’t offered the job, it would’ve been difficult to watch knowing that I didn’t it. Thank God it worked out! I thought it was cool to be involved with the first ever Google Glass reality show even before I was a full-time employee.

Do you really speak French? 
Yes, I do speak French. My mom is Swiss so I speak it fluently. I visit and speak with my family in Switzerland all the time.

What made you decide to take the job? 
I thought HJMT was a great place to work with a diverse set of clients. Having the opportunity to manage marketing efforts for Hilary’s personal brands along with new business efforts was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Little did I know, I would be managing all the social media for #Glasslandia too!

How has it been working at HJMT since you joined the team? 
It has been great working for HJMT so far. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know everyone and I am slowly starting to feel like a part of the “family” now.

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