Stuck Home? Start a Smart Garden!

inside garden

Since this pandemic started last March, a lot of people have been turning to gardening as a way of escaping reality and tuning in to health. But what happens if you live in New York City in a small apartment, how can you create a garden?

Chicago-based Rise Gardens, maker of in-home, smart hydroponic garden systems has the answer. At CES 2021 the company launched of a new, more compact Personal Garden designed to fit in smaller spaces such as countertops and shelves and an Amazon Alexa skill that enables voice control of the garden. The company also unveiled an industry-first microgreens add-on.

Personal Garden Streamlines Proprietary Technology in Compact Package

The new Personal Garden includes all of Rise Gardens’ state-of-the-art lights, proprietary water flow technology, and modularity but in a smaller, more streamlined model. Priced at $279, the Personal Garden allows people to grow four large plants (tomatoes, peppers, swiss chard, kale, etc.), eight medium-sized plants (herbs, flowers, etc.), or 12 small plants (radishes, beets, chives, lavender, etc.), and even micro greens.

The Personal Garden joins Rise Gardens’ popular Family Garden, a larger system with a modular design that allows for one, two, or three levels of growth at a time,  accommodating everything from greens and herbs to micro greens, tomatoes, and beets. No other system allows for such variety. Both systems were designed with simplicity in mind, including a mobile app that monitors water levels and plant progress and reminds users when and how much to water and fertilize, along with a subscription service that mails supplies on a regular basis.

Alexa Voice Control Makes Indoor Gardening Even Simpler

In addition, Rise Gardens announced it is building an Alexa skill that will allow garden users to control the pumps and lights on their gardens and receive plant care and harvesting tips by delivering voice commands through an Alexa device.

“Ever since Rise Gardens joined the portfolio of Amazon Alexa Fund companies this fall, we’ve been excited to add voice control to our products and work with the Alexa team,” explained Rise Gardens CEO and Founder, Hank Adams. “Now it’s even easier and more fun to grow your own food at home, year-round, even if you’ve never gardened before.”

Rise Gardens Adds Industry-First Microgreen Tray and Vining Trellis Add-ons

Rise Gardens is also rolling out a host of new accessories and add-on features designed to increase the amount and variety of produce you can grow. These include a Stand Kit and a Trellis Kit that provide extra support for growing large tomatoes, peppers and eggplants — both available now. In addition, the company will debut a microgreens tray next month that provides for successful growth of up to a half-pound a week of the flavorful, nutritious, and pricey greens favored by chefs and foodies. No other hydroponic indoor system offers comparable microgreen, trellis, or plant stand add-ons, making them an industry first for Rise Gardens.

It’s pretty cool and looks great too! Happy gardening!