6 Things You Can Do in the Winter During COVID-19

taking a walk

Many of us are staying in, working from home, and not going out. Then, there are some of us who go to the mall, BJs, and gather with friends, saying: “I don’t care about this pandemic, I’m going to live my life.”

It’s been a full year of this pandemic where we see a glimmer of hope that it will end in the summer, but that’s not soon enough. So, what do we do in the meantime to get through this? Do we stay home, order food online and watch TV?

Six things you can do in the winter during COVID-19

1.Take a walk – The other day, I just walked through the neighborhood. It was 35 degrees and the snow was on the ground. It felt so good to walk. I felt grateful that I could walk when so many people I knew in my life couldn’t walk. As I walked through the neighborhood, I looked up at the beautiful blue sky. Then, I looked at all the houses decorated for Christmas and I smiled. After about two miles, I went back to my house feeling happy. Don’t worry about how fast or slow you walk or for how much time. Just get out there and walk and enjoy every moment. It will change your mood and make you happy.

2. Schedule Facetime or Zoom Calls — Most of us, if we are complying, haven’t seen our family or friends in almost a year. Schedule time to see your friends and loved ones on Facetime or Zoom. After an hour call, your mood will change!

3. Organize your closets or drawers – When we are busy working, we find that there is no time to do anything. There’s still little to no time, but take a day over the weekend and just pick an area and organize. Donate clothes you haven’t worn in a year or two. If you have an item that you no longer need or want, get rid of it. You would be surprised at how happy and productive you will feel after getting rid of the clutter!

4. Shop on line – You would be surprised at how many online stores there are. Surf the web and look for sales. There is more to online shopping than Amazon! Look for small boutique shops that once had brick and mortar store and check out what they have. By the end of your shopping spree, you will notice that the day just flew by!

5. Try something different – I have a student who experienced hiking for the first time during this pandemic and he fell in love with it. My son and I experienced Orienteering during this pandemic. My future son-in-law, signed up for a wine and cheese tasting course, which we all experienced. I signed up for yoga classes. There is something for everyone. I even saw that Gordon Ramsey is teaching a cooking class online. It’s amazing how many classes and experiences there are online.

6. If you haven’t watched Glasslandia, head on over to Youtube — Glasslandia is the first Google Glass reality show on YouTube and I created it in 2013. It shows what a PR firm can do with Google Glass. It includes first and third point of view. It’s fun, humorous, and you’ll know the actors! There are seven episodes. Be sure to watch them all and let me know what you think! Visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJRQ7tmbHog

If you have any suggestions, write in the comments below. You never know, you may win a prize (and I have some good ones to give away!)