The First Google Glass Reality Show: Thoughts on Glasslandia

If you didn’t get to watch episode 6, “Making Of Glasslandia” yet, take a look now!

Here’s our final take about the first ever Google Glass reality show!

Glasslandia has come to a close. What did you think?

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”: It was a great run. We got a ton of positive feedback.

Kristie “The Skeptic”: I think Glasslandia was a great way to help keep us out there as leaders in public relations and social media trends. We took a new piece of technology and used it to help create exposure and visibility. That is what we do for our clients every day. I am sad it’s over, but always looking for the next big project.

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”: It was great to see everything play out so well! The final episode was hysterical. I hope that everyone had as great a time watching it as we had when we were filming it.

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”: I can’t believe how fast it went! I remember interviewing like it was yesterday and now the season is coming to a close. I’ve enjoyed all the episodes (especially the bloopers).

Mary “The New Girl”: I think it turned out really well! It was a new and very different experience for me to be on camera as I was definitely out of my comfort zone, but nothing horrible happened.

Lisa “The Rock”: I am sad Glasslandia season 1 is over! It was really fun to watch and at the end of each episode I found myself wanting more. The “Making Of Glasslandia” season finale was such a hoot! As you can tell, we all get along really well and have a great time together 🙂

Any lessons learned?

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”: You need to take chances in business no matter how big or small. It’s important to go for it and don’t get too caught up in the details.

Kristie “The Skeptic”: It was easier being filmed than I thought it would be. The first taping (dinner scene from episode 1) was a little nerve-racking but once I got used to all the cameras being around it was actually kind of fun.

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”: It’s okay to cry at the workplace (not often though!). It actually shows that you’re passionate and completely dedicated, instead of weak or sensitive.

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”: I’ve been able to watch myself through interviews and interact with people in the office. I’ve become a little more self-conscious about how I act around other people in the office, which is a good thing. I also am excited to see other reality shows or innovative ideas that Google Glass will be involved with in the near future.

Mary “The New Girl”: Live every day like you’re going to be on camera… you never know, you just might be!

Lisa “The Rock”: Don’t stick your tongue out at the camera. But no, in all honesty, it was really neat seeing what Google Glass can do and how easily it can become part of your daily life. I love how it gives you such a unique perspective. As marketers, the opportunities really are endless. I’m excited to use this new technology to help our clients achieve their goals.

Most embarrassing moment?

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”: When Kristie and I were in the car talking about the tennis match.

Kristie “The Skeptic”: Hmmm, let’s see – the mozzarella cheese, the way I sat in HIlary’s car in episode 2, the tennis conversation, the white rice, patty cake, and I’m sure there are many more #kristiemoments.

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”: I used to feel extremely embarrassed about the crying scene, but after receiving so much positive feedback about it, I embrace it!

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”: I think it was a little embarrassing for me to have all the personal information that I was talking about – my international family – in my interview. Hilary had great reactions though to my interview answers!

Mary “The New Girl”: For our filming of the “Making Of Glasslandia,” Kristie told me that we’d be filming on Wednesday, when it turns out we were filming on Monday and I rolled into work looking like a hot mess – hair in a headband, no makeup on. I was caught off guard!

Lisa “The Rock”: I don’t think I was really too embarrassed by anything. I’m just glad I wasn’t caught on camera while eating!

Favorite scene?

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”: I love the interaction between Kristie and me. I love working with Kristie, but I never realized how well we play off each other. I also love the interactions between me and the rest of the group.

Kristie “The Skeptic”: My favorite scene is in episode 5 “Yucatan Shrimp Taco” when Hilary parasails. She really did say at least a dozen times before that there was NO WAY she was going to do it. I like how much you could feel her enjoying it with Google Glass.

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”: There are so many great scenes. The scene with Hilary and Kristie reenacting the tennis match was hilarious. Lisa describing Hilary’s parasailing experience was also a favorite, but Kristie’s cheese omelet reigns supreme.

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”: My favorite scene was definitely in the last episode when Hilary went parasailing with the Google Glass. I didn’t believe in the technology until I saw that video and I was sold. I really think it will be a household item as people will try and be the first to use it doing everything imaginable.

Mary “The New Girl”: One of the deleted scenes from the staff meeting where Hilary is going on about Google Glass and the rest of us are sitting at the table with our poker faces on, not interested in what’s going on. Acting is hard.

Lisa “The Rock”: For the last episode, my favorite scene was watching Hil and Marti running the Long Beach boardwalk and that guy just casually walking past them! Overall favorite has to be Kristie with the darn cheese omelet. And my most loved Glass moment was watching Hil parasail – it felt like it was me up there. So much fun and so peaceful.

Would you participate in season 2?

Hilary “The CEO & Google Glass Explorer”: It would be a blast!

Kristie “The Skeptic”: Yes, but I want a reality show salary increase 🙂

Elizabeth “The Diplomat”: It would be fun to film another season!

Daniel “The Bi-Linguist”: Definitely. I think we can make it even better and more exciting.

Mary “The New Girl”: Most definitely! I think we could learn a lot from season 1 and improve the show for another season!

Lisa “The Rock”: Absolutely!

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