The Story of the Hundred Dollar Bill that Went Missing…

hundred dollar bill

Have you ever had something go missing, only to find it later in one of the craziest places? This is definitely the story of how my husband lost a $100-dollar bill – and then found it again!

What happened?

It all started last week when my husband told me he had misplaced this valuable bill. He searched high and low through our bedroom, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Our room had been thoroughly cleaned the day before so it didn’t make any sense that something like a $100 dollar bill would be missing.

I wanted to help look for the money, but my husband insisted on doing all the searching himself – he just knew he’d find it. But after some time searching, he still couldn’t find the money. It was like it had disappeared off the face of the earth!

When I searched…

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and started looking for it as well. After about fifteen minutes, I found the missing bill in my dresser drawer – which was closed at the time. It was almost as if someone in another dimension took the bill and hid it on purpose.

After I called him…

When I called him to tell him where it was, he immediately said, “that’s mine.” I responded with “Finders Keepers…” and laughed. Of course, I was going to give it back! But it just goes to show that sometimes, things have a way of working out in the end and those seemingly lost items can be found through sheer luck.

My husband was so relieved when I handed him the bill. He couldn’t believe it had been there all along! Thankfully, all’s well that ends well in this story. But if you ever find yourself in a similar situation and can’t seem to locate your missing item – don’t give up on it too soon, as it could just be in the most obvious of places!

Have you experienced something missing?

Have you ever experienced something like this before? Share your story with us in the comments below! We’d love to hear all about it. And remember – never lose hope when searching for lost items, even if it seems like they’ve been taken away by an alien! They just might be right in front of you.

Happy searching! 🙂