Skiing at Catamount in the Berkshires

This past March, I took a ski trip to Catamount Mountain, and it was surprisingly wonderful. The mountain is small and the vertical is only a few hundred feet. However, most of the trails have pitch and they are fast. This made for a thrilling experience.

Catamount in March

Catamount Ski Area

At first, the snow was icy and slick as one could expect from early March skiing. The packed snow made gliding down the mountainside fast and exhilarating, though a bit of caution was needed when skidding around corners. But as the sun started to come out, it began to warm up the snow and make for some beautiful spring skiing, with soft turns through banks of slushy ice.

Catamount has some great terrain for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. I was able to brush up on my carving skills on both the expert and intermediate trails.

For some off-piste action, Catamount has lots of glades and tree skiing in the Catapult Woods area. If you’re feeling adventurous, definitely check them out! Catamount also has a terrain park with some great jumps and rails. I avoided both.

Triathlon Training and Skiing

I really am impressed with my skiing abilities as a result of triathlon training. The fear I once had going down the steeps is gone. I feel like I’m flying down the mountain and nothing can stop me. I averaged around 16 miles an hour but for most of my runs, I was going down at 30 miles an hour. It felt great. I felt as if I zipped right down.

Hilary wearing goggles

What did I think?

Overall, Catamount Mountain made for an incredible ski trip. I highly recommend checking Catamount out if you’re looking for a great mountain to hit up this winter or spring! It’s closer than Mt. Snow and doesn’t have the vertical. But it did have some challenging spots.

Although I was only there for a day, and that’s all you really need,  Catamount Mountain was an amazing experience – from fast and icy snow runs in the morning to luscious slushy runs in the afternoon.